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Quadrapod EliteTM 

Copy Stand

The Quadrapod EliteTM is the second generation of the QuadrapodTM Copy Stand. The Elite features 3 section, telescoping tube legs (~14" - 36"), and a camera carriage that can traverse an 18" (or longer) extruded BLACK aluminum beam.  The overall footprint can be adjusted by repositioning the outriggers along the beam.
The Quadrapod EliteTM is a stable, rugged platform that will support cameras, lenses, or illumination devices.
All threaded inserts and studs are standard 1/4" x 20.

Foot print with sections open:

 Section one 20" x 23" - approximate working level: 14"
Section two 27" x 35" - approximate working level: 23"
  Section three 37" x 43" - approximate working level: 32"

Weight: approximately 6 pounds, with bag

QuadrapodTM Elite Copy Stand   $377.00

Normal shipping - FedEx Ground