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 Classic QuadrapodTM  Copy Stand
Best Seller!
US Patent  #5,993,077

QuadrapodTM  Copy Stand with camera in position and leg sections collapsed

The QuadrapodTM Copy Stand  features 3 section, telescoping tube legs (~15" - 37") and a camera support that can be moved left or right on the frame.  The QuadrapodTM is a stable, rugged platform that will support cameras, lenses, or illumination devices.

All threaded inserts and studs are standard 1⁄4" x 20.
Dimension of base -  7.5" X 6" X 1"

Footprint with sections open:
Section one 17" X 16" : approximate working level: 16"
Section two 24.5" X 23.5" : approximate working level:  25"
Section three 35.5" X 32" : approximate working level:  34.5"
Total weight, with bag 4 pounds

QuadrapodTM  Copy Stand (3 section leg)    $299.00

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