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The Quadrapod Family 

Quadrapod - It Makes a Difference.   

The Quadrapod Elite ™ and Quadrapod Classic ™ are copy stands that are sold by Quadrapod Technologies or designated affiliates.  These stands are superior to all others when used for macro and close-up photography or as a support for other types of hardware.  Both Quadrapod copy stands are sold with quick release heads compatible with all major brands of cameras, telescoping tube legs and a storage bag.

The Quadrapod Classic is a rugged, stable copy stand while the Quadrapod Elite offers all the basic features plus additional functionality with a larger adjustable footprint and a traveling carriage.  Recent enhancements to both Quadrapod Copy Stands include lightweight carbon fiber telescoping legs.  The new legs feature a twist-type locking device for securing each leg at the length needed to capture the image.

Applications for the Quadrapod Copy Stands are in the fields of:

  • Handwriting and Questioned Documents
  • Travel and Identify Documents
  • Fingerprint identification
  • Toolmark identification
  • Blood spatter and body fluid pattern imaging
  • Mortuary imaging
  • Footwear and tire-track identification
  • Personal identification
  • Family lineage and history (Genealogy)
  • Fossils (Paleontology)
  • Cultural artifacts (Archeology)
  • Mushrooms (Mycology)
  • Insects (Entomology)
  • Earth Science (Geology)
  • Postage Stamps (Philately)
  • Currency, coins, tokes, and paper (Numismatics)
  • Postcards
  • Matchbooks
  • Ammunition
  • Poker chips, dice, playing cards (Chippers)
  • Jewelry
  • Civil War Memorabilia
  • Rockhounding
  • Foreign Finds
  • Ebay, advertising and general macro photography