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John and Paula Snyder - Chandler, Arizona USA

John Snyder is a Graduate of the Brooks School of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and is retired from the federal government.   He has an extensive background in photography and has traveled throughout Europe, the Mid-East, Central and South America on his professional assignments.  During his career with the United States Government, Mr. Snyder trained hundreds of students in the science as well as in the art of photography.   His works include gallery presentations and displays that has captured international events as well as personal travel.

Mr. Snyder is an avid collector of vintage and minature cameras, photographic films and modern photo gear.  When digital cameras emerged, John's collection expanded drastically and includes both the lesser known camera manufacturers as well as major brands.   Each camera in his collection has been thoroughly tested and must be in working condition before becoming part of his holdings.

Paula designs and fabricates jewelry for herself and friends.  She has a wide selection of tools and equipment for hand crafting her designs at her residence, including gemstones and fine metals.  

Working together, Paula and John create artwork in two forms:   The jewelry and the product photos.  Paula and John catalog their jewlery using the Quadrapod Classic copy stand as well as share images with their friends.  The image above was captured using the Sony Nex 7, a camera from John's collection.  The Sony Nex 7 captured the beauty of this hand crafted pin in a 24 megabyte file, and archived as a tagged imagery file (TIF).  Illumination was soft north window light.  For table top imaging, John used the Quadrapod Classic.

Many crafters usa website to display items that will be available at local craft shows or art walks.  

Get the shot! The Quadrapod Classic copy stand was used for imaging this fishing lure on the top of a glass display counter with little preparation.  The copy stand was configured with the quick release plate for supporting the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Only ambient light was available.  The shot offered the opportunity to capture both still and video with the smart phone for transmission as well as archival storage, plus post production.  Audio was simultaneously captured allowing the curator to describe the lure in great detail.

The Truck-Oreino fishing lure was made by Southbend Bait Company in 1939.  This lure and features a big wooden red and white spinner on the front and red feathers from a Pileated woodpecker.  The first models of the lure were made with a yellow glass sphere and painted with a black dot on it to represent the eye.  This is a “tack eyed” lure with round head painted nails for eyes.

This particular lure was made for muskies.  According to Mr. Bill Bramsch, the curator of the museum,  “They (fisherman) would run the lure over the bass beds to make momma mad and she would bite that thing.”

According to the curator, red and white is the lure color of all times.   In 1939, a buyer would be expected to pay about $5 for this lure.  Even better quality lures were worth a weeks pay!  Recently, this highly collectable Truck-Oreino lure sold at auction for $4000.

The History of Fishing Lures Museum features a beautiful collection almost 50,000 items collected by Karl and Beverly White, collectors for the last 75 years.  Many other rare lures and fishing memorabilia are included in museum.

The Truck-Oreino is just one of nearly 50,000 items in the White’s historical collection of fishing items.   

The History of Fishing Museum is located in Branson, Missouri. 225 North Wildwood Drive, Branson, Missouri 65616  (417) 289-3474.   Point of contact is curator Bill Bramsch.